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Homework: Assignment

I just had a second reading at the homework and it seems I missed the point ^^;
Submission1 : some piece of machinery with no clear purpose.
I tried to achieve complexity through pattern and repetition.
But obviously I resorted to repetition of that said piece... Which actually wasn't what was demanded. (-_-)
It certainly was interesting experimenting with components and joints though.

submission2 :
This one is a preamble to the extra credit project. it's a minimalist flare gun.
I tried to hide the screws, rivets and clips. That would be replaced by a magnetic locking system holding the casing together.
It could probably have been more simple... But it kinda felt too simple then.

Extra credit : A flare gun.
We were asked to go ideally for a firearm but avoid a rifle, not to repeat exactly what was in the lesson.
I prefered not to go for an actual weapon, so here is the flare gun.
It was too tempting as an opportunity to dive in Fusion industrial design capabilities. So I tried to brake it down somewhat to parts that could be manufactured.
The mechanics is simplistic and the body would be polymer injected parts.
With rescue in mind, There is a GPS tracker inside, a watertight compartment for flares, and the user manual is lodged in the back.
Here is also a rough render made in fusion.


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