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Homework 3

Study complex systems. Objects with multiple components. The subject for this assignment was the PPSH-41, also known as the "Burp Gun.

Homework: Assignment

PPSH-41 w/Drum Magazine

I chose this gun because of its unique features. I initially, began with a breakdown of the parts, and blocked them in with basic geometry. Once the major parts were established, I focused on each, individule, part and etched them down to smaller components ant details. I able to find and study an "Exploded View" for an more indepth break down of the parts in total.

Once the main parts of the gun were complete, I started a new file for the Drum Magazine. I approached this with the same method I did with the gun. Using an insert, I was able to bring the Drum in the same workspace as the main gun, while preserving a seperate asset on file for later use.


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