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Stakeouts in Neon-Noir

First round of Fusion 360 course. During the extra credit process I quickly learned that converting perspective scale to 2D is trickier than I thought. I've had to redo a couple of the objects to get an accurate scale. 

It was during the 3rd image that I've decided to do a 2D technical drawing to get a better sketch layer. Funny part is that this was the first time I've used my technical drawing knowledge I've learned when I was 14 and 15. I stopped the class and went over to art classes when I was 16 because I was bored with drawing straight lines the whole time.

Not having done any military equipment it was interesting to try and blend my illustration style of late to the presentation of the hard-surface modelling pieces. During this time I've already learned that just because the render preview makes fog look cool doesn't mean it will look good the following day.

Homework: Extra Credit

Homework Lesson 001: Extra Credit

After drawing the lines over the images I decided to model the pieces as well. This was when I learned that just drawing over the objects is the easy part. Modelling it does take some extra time. Some of these took a couple of attempts and a couple of back and forth after discovering a couple of mistakes.

Homework: Additional Content

Technical Drawing of the PEQ

Struggling with the scale and size of the 3rd object, I looked back to my technical drawing I had in my first two years of High School to help me break down the model.


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