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Lesson 1: Intro to CAD

This is my first real venture into Fusion 360. Majority if not all of my hard surface modelling experience has been through the use of the software Cinema4D. By learning this course and partaking in the assignments provided, I aim to have a much better understanding of 3d form. Lesson 1 is learning to wrap my head around the basic techniques of CAD and the workflows necessary for effective production.

Homework: Assignment


To get a better understanding of the foundations of fusion 360, I practised breaking down 3 images of real world objects and props using the techniques learned in Kirill Chepizhko's first lesson of Hard Surface Modelling. (note: I realised shortly after that I mistakenly labelled a chamfer as a fillet and a fillet as a chamfer)

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra Credit

As extra credit, I chose one of the previous image breakdowns and attempted to replicate it in Fusion 360. By using what I had learnt in the first lesson of the course, I chose the macro binocular object (not too sure what it is) and tasked myself to create this 3d object within a day.


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