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Spectrum Ratio Hypersonic Missile with accompanying Expanse Long Range Extender Lander

Hey Learnsquared people , back with an update of the WIP of the modelling stage of the Missile and its carrier. A video this time to show animation
I'm staying in maya solely because I'm recording this for a mentorship so being a noob in fusion wouldn't make a useful video haha

The F1 ./ Motorsports GT3 influence in the missile should be much clearer now.
I've also pushed the the extender to have some hammerhead inspiration and overall there's more detailing
Animation are still messy (there was more before than I deleted it), the wings on the lander for exampe will fold out but thats to be done.
It's noisy in its current state but once the function is solidified, I'll take it through a cleaning phase.
Thanks for looking!


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