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Lesson 2 - Moddeling final assigment

This is was my first time tackling weapon design and using fusion aswell so it was a very interesting and challenging exercise for me, although i initially struggle a bit with the design itself i think i managed to push through with it and im actually quite happy with the final result. Fusion is a very powerful and fun tool to use and i can already see myself incorporating this software to my workflow

Homework: Assignment

Moddeling - Final Model

Raw renders of the final model


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This is turning out very well! The levels of read are coming in nicely. I would suggest to revisit the high level read a little bit and try to push it maybe slightly more into a sci fi realm. I would also leave a bit more space for the magazine feeding. Like move the shape a bit more towards the grip area to avoid a 50/50 ratio surface disitribution of these two shapes. Hope that makes sense. Love it though! Really strong already!

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Yea i think i see what you mean after looking at it with close attention, ill try to fix that shape part issue and maybe redo the barrel entirely that maybe will help with a more Sci fi look to it. Thanks Lars!