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Modeling stage screenshots - Grypus Industries Leopard Seal -

Still ironing out a few details here and there but would like to finish the modeling stage soon. Lars had previously suggested to break the shape of the rocket pods, im still working out a way to do that - i might redesign that entire component for something else, or a re-iteration of the same idea but maybe in an octagonal shape or something!

Homework: Assignment

secondary / tertiary passes

the hip joints have a translucent cover over them which ireveals some internals behind, forgot to seperate this material for some of the renders


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Sick! Love how you also refined some bits along the way and broke up some parts but you maintained the silhouette of your blockout very very well. Love this design. Maybe have another play with placement of these filigrane antennas. The sit a bit too exposed and spaced out for my liking :)

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Thank you Lars, I'll get on it and thank you for the encouragement, starting to feel the slow down part of the project kicking in! Still thinking about changing some thing based on your previous feedback, just trying to keep it moving!