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Spectrum Ratio Hypersonic Missile

Spectrum Ratio Hypersonic Missile with accompanying Expanse Long Range Extender Lander

Homework: Assignment

Spectrum Ratio Hypersonic Missile with accompanying Expanse Long Range Extender Lander

Hey learnsquared, I Started the blockout yesterday, I'm 5 hours in now so very early days
My idea is a Hypersonic Cruise Missile that can be dropped by plane or the Long Range - Its a bit catfish like
A Long Range Attachment reminiscent of a Stingray that hooks onto the Cruise missile
The attachment (I'll figure out a name) can then fold and land (much like a bird) on its wing tips - I'll need to figure out landing gear

I want a stark difference in design language between the long range attachment and the missile to further seperate their purposes. One is high speed and its more modern, the other is long range and its dated because it was made first and exists to supplement the newer tech.
It does animate but I can't upload mp4s so will do youtube link later in process
(Everything so far is in maya and screenshots are maya viewport)


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Hey Rene! It's great to see you here and being enrolled into the same course! I've been following your work in AS for a while and I love it, and love the explanations of some of your designs in the YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing them!

Very interesting idea here, and very interesting the concept of having 2 different shape languages, to differentiate the purpose and even the storytelling/background of the props. Love the slightly asymmetries of some of the elements on the props.

Looking forward to seeing the progress, I'm gonna get some pop corn and really gonna enjoy the journey!

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Oh wow, thats a nice suprise haha, appreciate it a lot Alberto!

Yeah I like to do 2 design languages at once, it means I can move between them if i get bored on one, and also practice consciously switching between two different styles.