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Here's my submission for assignment 1 - A rough blockout of my mech designs.

Homework: Assignment

My experience son far:

I decided to make a battle mech since it sounds like a good challenge and I've always wanted to create one. One of my biggest struggles was figuring out how all the moving parts would move and fit with each other (such as the arms and legs). It was also quite challenging to find a good balance between sci-fi and realism. I wanted the design of the different parts to feel grounded while also trying to push the silhouettes and proportions for more appeal.

In the end, I made four different designs and tried to reuse and repurpose the different parts I made as much as possible. Normally, the concept phase tends to be the most challenging for me personally, but I ended up having lots of fun coming up with different designs once I got the ball rolling and even ended up making a fourth concept just for fun. I'm really happy with the course so far and it's been a great exercise in design for me!

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Perfect Blockouts. Their design becomes very clear and functionality feels well maintained. I like concept 01 and 02 but its up to you ofc which one you want to see finished! :)