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1 pass of the 3D design blockout stage

Sci fi m4 inspired AR rifle 5.56 mm AP and Subsonic ammo

Homework: Assignment

Assigment 01 - Final and initial blockouts

this is was a fun and quite challenging first stage for me as this is the first time im tackling weapon designing and prop design and it is quite fun and demmaning everything needs to make sense and be functional but at the same time i was trying to have the aesthetics of the weapon itself in consideration it it was a initial struggle i had but i think i managed to push myself through quite well and im quite happy with this initial blockout. I also made a 2 variation of the weapon suited more towards CQC with shorter configuration ended up changing the stock and barrel the attachements on the weapon here are all temporary place holders for visualization porpuses.


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Very cool to see these and I like your description. Weapons can be tough but I think you set yourself a very good base!
In this case to make sure the scale is correct, either throw in a human base mesh and place it within its hands to doublecheck or get an actual high detail gun model from the internet to make sure grip, trigger and stock position would work properly. Really curious how this will turn out. Let me tell you, this is going to be great!

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Thanks alot Lars, ill make sure to give a double check with a proper high detailed gun model on those, cant wait for the course to come out and start tackling the design in fusion and learning along the way