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UGV platform

unmanned squad support

first is a wheeled platform, the second a more scifi block out

Homework: Assignment

Blockout stage complete...? maybe.

Homework: Additional Content

Second Blockout

More scifi. I probably prefer this one, but may bring both forward further.


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Hey, I like your presentation a lot. This is pretty good looking for just a blockout I must say. Having fun and pushing execution is beneficial when presenting this to someone. I think it would benefit you to do 2 more different designs capturing a similar idea. You could then combine their strongest features and merge it into a new design. You might be surprised what you could get :)

In terms of functionality I can see issues with the wheels (why eight? how do they turn ?).
The silhouette without the turret might a bit too much on the simplistic side, but it can defintely your design desicision. I think having the trunk or the center part with the turret raised and a bit more seperated for instance can really push this idea of an armed vehicle.

Just some thoughts, other than that. This looks like you had fun and I like that!

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