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Homework: Assignment

Fusion & Octane

It took me much longer than I expected, but finally I can upload next step in this character development.
I've spent more time learning Fusion360 with it's new functionalities, also I've tried to use Daz3D with it's Octane version (to keep character's hair for example as they appear in Daz), but after all I went back to 3dsmax. Anyway, when I became more familiar with Fusion I've decided to rethink glasses design (sketches attached) and at this moment I also know I'll back to that in next chapter to review everything once again, but for now it's time to move on. To summarize: a lot of backs and forths, but I've learned a lot during the whole process and I think it's most important after all.

Homework: Process

Sketches of the glasses based on very first versions done in Fusion360.


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