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Homework: Assignment


I'm following along these assignments with my own prompt, I'm designing Heero Yuy and his Space suit from Gundam Wing. I've tasked myself not only the homework for this class but developing the Art Direction to continue after Heero and design the other pilots.

I want to achieve the epic tone I remember from the series but in a modern new take. I'm imagining that I'm working on a new HBO series that is updating the tone and mood for a Game of Thrones and Westworld audience, viewers that expect realism and plot twists, epic battles and operatic romance.

I'll link my Coggle mine map:

Heero Yuy is called "The Little Prince" in an early episode so I am going to try and work motifs and visual cues from that story into some later wardrobe.

Right now my Mind map is all over the place but I want some core elements to be the back bone of the 5 Gundam pilots' symbology.

I'm calling the project "Operation M" after the name of the mission that opens the series. I'll be posting progress in the forum to encourage others to join if they feel compelled.

I’ll start up a Project thread as soon as I can get my First Viable concept down. I want to try and get a starter image that will capture some of the vibe I’m going for.


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