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12 Thumbnails wasn't easy for me to do, I haven't done 12 sketches for anything, ever. Made me realize that I need to start doing a whole lot more sketching in general. Not even sure which ones I should progress with for the longer sketches. Need to Improve so much more!

EDIT: I thought all my thumbnails sucked so I did 8 more. Don't know if they a re better but I think its good to get in the habit to do thumbnails in general.

EDIt: Added the Sketch. Felt like I could have done less overworking and more on the composition and design concepts. Have a tendency to overwork some areas in a sketch or painting before I get the entire design right. Have to work on this!

Edit: Another Sketch. Wanted to do something with less direct action but tried to keep a sense of dramatic ness and movement even though its a still pose. Also added a couple more thumbnails. Really want to get things right early before the next steps.

Edit: Last sketch. Overworked this one for sure but it was fun and actually didn't take that long. Not sure about the composition, tried to keep somewhat a cinematic feel with the long aspect ratio but not sure if it's working. Need to keep it minimal I think.