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Memento is a series of concept artworks for an interactive experience I plan on creating. It is about the endless cycle of life and death, a celebration of life and a reminder of our limited-but precious time. This idea was sparked by the sudden passing of a childhood friend and the subsequent loss of many people (and loved ones of loved ones) around me within the span of less than two years. This is my memorial to them and a celebration of life.

Visually "A place where souls go to merge back into infinity", but also ended up inspired by the line of a song by Negative: "Where the sun goes down, there's a place on earth, where the sky's all red and mother gives rebirth".

Homework: Assignment

Sketching and moodboards

Tried a few variations drawing on top of images in photoshop, which was a familiar practice to me, then I went for a few photobashed variations and here is were I got super excited at the possibilities and felt like just playing, coming up with all sorts of happy accidents.

Because the initial idea was different than what is now, the moodboard kept evolving over time. The second time–for memento–instead of trying to start a new one from scratch, I decided to keep using the same pure ref doc and remix it, finding what could fit in the new idea and gradually adding references and images that felt needed. Although it might look messy, I loved the very organic development it had. It kept evolving along with the sketches and in the end, left me with a whole bunch of new ideas for the next step in making this artwork.

It was crazy how it felt like just a few tips from Gaelle gave me "permission" to try things I already knew who to execute but felt like cheating or like they took longer than starting a sketch from scratch and just looking at a few references along the way. The openness to remixing gives an insane amount of possibility and efficiency.

Ha! I'm exited!

Extra image (a caped silhouette and a statue)
I started out with the idea of making a scene from Neil Gaiman's Sandman; a view of the Threshold, Desire of the Endless' home–a 1000ft tall replica of Desire themself, however, after finishing the moodboards and starting with the first sketch, the whole Idea didn't feel right (mostly because the statue is set on a "vast featureless plain stretching out to infinity, gray sky, no sun, no moon" and wanted to explore with more landscape elements, but also because I've already done something similar with a personal artwork.). Then it came to me that every day I think about this Memento piece, and that maybe the time to begin was right now.

Homework: Process

Moodboard, process

Playing with quick gradient maps to find moods.

Gradient maps also help me see my b/w values from another perspective and correct accordingly


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