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Distance is an empty space which defines where we are begin and the world around us comes to an end. It serves as a reminder on ratios and sizes. It frightens and attracts at the same time. Distance has always been, and it was always inaccessible for any feelings. The distance gives us unique experience of separateness, independence and estrangement.

In this project I decided to show experience of distance per se and at the same time try to understand huge spaces, massive dimensionalities and the absorbing emptiness. I will try to show that feeling of a huge distances originates in us certain deep, natural fear of unthinkably huge entities. I want to show that only through feeling of radical opposition of sizes, we are capable to realize all the pressure of space and to understand our own insignificance, extreneity and fugacity compared to the world.

The glowing dot symbolizes the soul of man, and the structure - solidity, massiveness and weight of the way. Appearing in the void, indefinite and free, it rushes to the only similar source of light inside a strange construction. On the way, under pressure from the environment it faces new feeling - negligibility and insignificance of own sizes. Walls and corners represent rules, norms and other restrictions of the world in which it is forced to travel. Forks hint that inside light isn't the only one. At the end this soul reaches unity with the desirable "The Global Soul", but loses it own light and becomes black. It turn out that "The Global Soul" is just a simple congestion of the same lost souls which have chosen the same way. At this moment soul of man experiences the hardest feeling of distance to life that no longer belong to itself. The distance between before and after.


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