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Finished! What a joy! It was initially intended as purely a study in recreating bio-luminescence in Octane Render. Modelled in Cinema 4D using a combination of self-made models, MegaScans assets, Forester, X-Particles and Turbulence FD. I originally wanted to leverage the realism of scanned assets and Octane’s beautiful unbiased renderer to accurately create bioluminescence. As time past however I took a deeper dive and explored the calmness of a woodland at night and the ethereal, soothing palette of nature’s bioluminescence merged with fantasy. It follows a loose and well trodden narrative of birth, life and death but in all honesty I kept that as light as possible instead wanting to focus on the Art Direction and creation. I remembered my childhood love of BBC nature documentaries and sought to recreate some of those production qualities in the slow motion dynamic sections, allowing me to be creative with time, not just lighting and composition.

The Sound track was mixed and cut by myself using a collection of royalty free drum and bass loops and vocal samples. I initially planned to accompany the animation with a drum and bass remix of Arctic Lake’s ‘Heal Me’ by SpectraSoul, but wanting to avoid licensing issues I opted to push myself to produce the audio too. It was first for me and retaining total control is an aspect I loved and I feel will only benefit my future work too.

It’s now become the start of a tryptic of works, the second, titled ‘Flesh n Stone’ is a development of this piece bringing Zbrush into the process and further fusing the human element with nature. The third is so far untitled and develops lessons and techniques of the first two but taking the action (if you can call it action) into a virtual studio environment – currently at least, however I’m open to any destination the work takes me, and very excited about that part of the process too! As I create, I’ve been sharing style frames, developments and trial and error on my Instagram @ceecubbon. It helps me treat the process as one of the creation of many pieces rather than just final manifestation.
Thank you for allowing me to share, and for teaching me so much on this course! Thanks so much Mike & Joey. Much luv 8o)

Woodland Trip


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