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Homework: Assignment


Here's my Boardomatic - it's called 'Woodland Trip' and was already a passion project I was struggling to keep focused on with a production timeline that was getting increasingly elastic! I decided it would make a great basis for this course, and that this course was exactly what I needed to finish it whilst following and developing critical production techniques and values. I'm currently a Graphic Designer and Creative Director looking to develop my motion graphics skills and is a career switch I plan to make at the end of this year. It was originally designed around the music track 'Heal Me' by Arctic lake remixed by Spectrasoul... but I've now cut together the track you hear here myself from royalty free loops and tunes so I can share it more easily without stepping on people's toes license-wise! I've re-appropriated my initial look-dev work here to form the boardomatic... it's a story of birth and death based around a theme of bioluminescence. All C4D, X-Particles and Octane. Now onto the shotlist, I heart speadsheets (said no creative ever!) ;-) Loving the course.



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