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Artificial Intelligence
Homework: Assignment

Album Artwork

The brief I set was to create album artwork for the LP 'Artificial Intelligence' on Warp Records. This is an absolute classic electronic record released in 1992 which is a compilation featuring early tracks from artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre, Richie Hawtin and The Orb. In the workshop Toros Kose talks about certain music getting you in the zone to create, I've been doing that with this LP for a long time so it was a perfect choice.

I researched microchip architecture and I was inspired by the grid-like, repetitive construction. I created a hero element in Illustrator with these design principles in mind and brought it into After Effects where I separated the artwork into several layers and manipulated these using the kaleidoscope and motion tile effects. I then put these into 3D space, recoloured and added DOF and other lens effects to achieve a macro photography style.

Homework: Process


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