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Final Illustration.

This was done according to the techniques taught in the lesson. The semi-realistic look as opposed to the sketchy style taught in the lesson was a personal choice but the workflow was same.

Homework: Assignment

Final illustration of the character.

The techniques taught in this lesson which are using Daz3D and Blender to pose and light the character as well as the layering in Photoshop, gave me immense freedom to play with different light conditions before starting the overpaint. I always wanted to explore gothic art and thus chose to illustrate the character of a witch.

Homework: Process


I usually do very rough color thumbnails or line art before art work. With the techniques taught in the lesson, I posed the default model in Daz3D and then lit it in Blender for the initiation. Then lot of overpainting work was done on it for the final illustration. The layering techniques of isolating shadow from render and then using it to achieve proper falloff on base color/ bash came in handy. The semi-realistic style of final artwork was personal choice as opposed to the sketchy one in the lesson.

Homework: Additional Content


The different references used for the illustration