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A 50s Aesthetic in the middle of a battlefield

my idea was to create a story that involved two lovers from two different factions that are going against each other, to war. This war doesn't take place on earth but in an unnamed civilisation that has developed a similar aesthetic to ours, only what we would call a 1950s Diner Aesthetic, With bakelite being used everywhere diner waitresses sing guns and swords for their faction, with giant jukeboxes

Homework: Assignment

A Well Deserved War

The title is an ironic one, the message of the story is that there is no "Well deserved war" and in this Romeo and Juliet story of two Diner waitresses finding themselves on a battlefield and falling in love, finding a way to win the war and look at the politics and propaganda that both sides create. the fighting and the differences but also the similarities. our story follows Ruby and Evelyn, who meet each other one day on the battlefield, when Evelyn, Dressed in Blue and Brown, gets captured and becomes a POW, Evelyn, starts to listen to her and they soon break out of the faction together, only to find themselves on a path through the factions to see who is really pulling the strings and how fighting wont change anything, whilst falling in love with each other.


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