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16 Minutes

"To destroy a man, you don't have to kill him, you just have to attack the ones he loves" - Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2

Ndiobe Myon lost his daughter 3 years earlier in a car accident. He cryogenically froze her for the last 3 years and set about building a time machine to prevent the accident from happening. He only has 16 minutes. Will he be able to save his daughter? Will his action save her in the present? He doesn't know but he will try everything.

Homework: Assignment


I was in no way satisfied with my first story. Too classic, too military and déjà-vu. Moreover, I realized that my skills did not allow me to present them as I imagined. I kept the idea and went back to this one. I like it and I think I could apply for the rest of the course.


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