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Getting there, liking where it's going, but still figuring a lot of things out along the way.
Homework: Assignment

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To be honest, there's still a whole lot I haven't resolved with this. Getting somewhere, but learning I tend to work pretty intuitively. Wanting to go more supernatural, bordering on horror while maintaining my usual love for sci-fi/military theming. I created a more in depth brief builder that is color coded. Green being a more heavy influence within the character, yellow less so, and red somewhat but the least. This helps me to create something that I feel isn't so constrained to individual themes. Again, more natural, flowy feel. Reference created for the character, the clothing, and the prop. Working loosely isn't the easiest for me as I defs tend to detail too early in the process. This is good for me:) smarter way to work. Don't wanna get too invested in a potentially crappy idea too soon.

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