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First things first, I'm not used to creature design, I've done it before but it has been a while since, so I thought the best use of my learning time would be to devote to working on my weak areas.
I had trouble nailing down the art direction and integrating the fundamentals taught in this course, so I did extra homework to make sure I'd get it right, or at the very least get to a point where I felt a sense of growth, to where I'd stop and see a clear change on now known theories I wasn't 100% aware of, such as the overlapping of forms, line of action and shapes .

Homework: Assignment

Homework tests for lesson 1

Break down:
- Thumbnail drawings of busts, because I needed to nail down the overlapping of forms or at least try to understand it better before settling to a final design. I've learned a ton doing these.
- Some biped thumbs, which are clearly a bit too detailed for thumbs and a hard surface direction to it, although I also learned new execution processes, so good stuff.
- Quadrupeds, these aren't as weird or hero looking as the instructors, but more grounded in reality, although I did have fun drawing these cats, I may render some of them and take them to a final later, they are very huggable and also up for adoption if you so feel interested.
- Quick drawing thumbs of full bodies, these were to nail the line of action and silhouette, or explore the theory-concept more.
- Full body sculpts, wasn't worried about the head on these, since I had iterated a lot about it before, so was mostly finding out what works and what doesn't over on the body forms.

Thanks for looking,
- Miguel Nogueira / Menog

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