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Homework: Assignment

1- Thumbnails

The 3 sets of thumbnails asked for the first assignment.
Kinda got fueled with it and decided to continue working around them a bit more.

Homework: Additional Content

2-Bust Rough Sketches

Since the course is about using 3D Coat and Zbrush, and i don't have the first one, i decided to use Blender.
This was made using the Grease Pencil to rough sketch shapes and converting the strokes to curves, and to polygons after that.
While using polygons i start just moving big areas of the sculpt to cover mildly the wholes left by the strokes and apply a voxel remesh a couple times to have an acceptable surface to add the final features with a dyntopo on.
After all this is meant to be rough and moved to Zbrush for further detailing i think.

Note: I just threw in some materials to have an interesting look at the rough figures.
If you use Blender, try using Blenderkit, it brings similar possiblilities to keyshot for quick render contact sheets.

Homework: Additional Content

3- Define busts and faces from the past lecture.

I got a lot of holes from the bad topology of the 3D drawings made in Blender with the Grease Pencil. Even a voxelize wouldn't cover all of them BUT, after importing those meshes into Zbrush and applying "close holes" and some dynamesh, the busts got good enough to start a more refined detail.
If i'd like to use these for production purposes, it would still be a mess since there is a lot of polygons hidden withing the body.
I think applying Zremesh would work perfectly for this matter, i will do next time.


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