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Thumbnails and Story Concept

Description of my story concept for this class.

Homework: Assignment

World Thumbnails and Concept

On a post-apocalyptic earth, a young warrior woman must reforge a legendary sword that was broken into 5 pieces in order to stop a dark wizard from destroying the last remnants of humanity using forbidden technology.

- At the end of the 21st century, thermonuclear war destroys most of humanity and irradiates the world.
- Magic vs. technology theme (Fantasy / Sci-fi genre). Science and technology is shunned in favor of magic and sorcery.
- Before they are killed, the main character's parents freeze her in a cryogenic capsule for 100 years, in hopes that when she awakens, the world will be better. Due to a malfunction, she remains in stasis for thousands of years and awakens in earth's 33rd century. Her only memory is of her parents when she awakens, as well as her name.
- A primitive, medieval world filled with mutated and highly evolved monsters
- People have constructed a "Castle" in earth's orbit in which 7 Sages govern the entire world, preventing people from using science and technology for evil purposes, lest they repeat the Great War that almost ended humanity.
- A dark wizard seeks to take over the Castle and use it to enslave the last remnants of mankind
- The MC must gather 5 magical shards of a sword that can slay the dark wizard.
- It is revealed the main character's parents helped build the Castle before it was launched into orbit in attempts to escape the Great War, putting their DNA into the sword's fragments which have a negative effect on the dark wizard.
- After the wizard is slain, the main character activates a self destruct sequence to destroy the Castle and she barely makes it out in time.
- Can mankind use science for good, or does our evolutionary drive for survival and self-preservation always cause us to do evil?

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