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Homework: Assignment


Oh man, this course has been such a wild ride, I started around May on Alex Figini sculpting course, and only now finished it, it wasn't because I am lazy, it is because I had to balance other things, such as client work, switching jobs, among other stuff that kept me as busy, regardless of only finishing the course now, I was already applying what I had learned to my client work, and by having repeated the teachings of Alex in my client work a lot of times, I look back at this mech and see I could have done it x5000 times better, if I was to tackle it all over again from the start. The repetoire achieved with the client stuff, allowed me to practice these terms endlessly, I'm really happy with the results and so have been my clients!

Time to close this chapter and enter a new one. I'm still to decide which course I'll do next, but will probably be character design again, to really dig deep on this mine before closing it.

About the render, it's just another frame of another pose I had. I notice now that the background pack of photos is very good and well shot, but it limited me somewhat to the compositions I could produce, a new thing to improve on my work is to just look beyond what I can use as background and not stick to just the material the teacher is using.
I don't hate it though.


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