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Homework: Assignment


UPDATE - Applied feedback and completed this character. It was a really amazing journey, thank you for the awesome course!

Eh well i made it this far i guess. I didn't want to do a robot, instead i created someone that is half human and half augmented. I also wanted something different in terms of body type, as you can see, this guy enjoys eating burgers and pizza. This dude is a scumbag. He tracks down people with high value augments and steals their body parts to further enhance and sell on the black market. I can't believe how much time i spent creating this guy, pretty crazy. Will probably move onto keyshot from here but open to suggestions to maybe push it further.


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Wow....Very cool! Great take on the brief and beautifully executed.

Few bits of feedback:
- Maybe only have one artificial leg or add some asymmetry with longer trousers (one pant leg pulled up gangsta stylo, to show the prosthetic).
-I'd also agree with Simon, the shorts feel a little tubular right now.
-He's very baby faced for a scumbag, maybe give him some 'weathering'. Scars/tattoos etc.

Overall though this is incredible, I'm very luck to have such great students!

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Looking awesome man!! Love the fat pizza belly too,
I agree with lars he could look cool with a beard maybe with scifi shapes/lines shaved out of it?
Great personality in the face and overall!
Shorts are feeling a bit hard perhaps if i had to critique,
Amazing job!

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