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Homework: Assignment


Hi Everyone! Here is just some test render's inside Keyshot. I've been working on this a couple of hours every evening after work and on weekends. I feel like its taking me absolutely forever, but I am really enjoying just taking my time learning what Alex Figini has to offer and riding the journey! I have gone through so many failures and iterations as you will see in the picture of my work folder below. It has literally taken me nearly 2 months just to learn and get to this point and this is before detailing yet, I could never be happy with my main forms, or something would go wrong in the previous iterations. So I kept starting again and again... and again.....But I am super happy just to get to this point and I feel confident to take this forward now to split up the forms and detail the hell out of it. Thanks again to Alex Figini for this amazing course and Learn Squared for giving me such an awesome platform to learn from.

P.s. I am really enjoying learning about Design more too while working on this project Watching streams from Ash, Maciej, Vitaly and the rest of the Learn Squared team has been super helpful and inspiring as we get an insight into their thoughts and idea's on art and life in general. So glad to be here!


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Also P.s. When I said "taken me two months to learn and get to this point". Ijust realised how that makes me sound as if I have learnt everything. That is definently not the case... I have a very very long way to go!! Time to climb the mountain!! Cheers!!