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Hi Learn Squared! How is everyone!

My name is Sam Matthews from the UK, i'm 21 and I have been enrolled in the course "Concepting in Zbrush" With Alex Figini and finally I have plucked up the courage to post up here in the forums. I just wanted to show a bit of my process and journey so far with the course. I have made it through the sketch phase and have started blocking out my model in 3D. It's taken me quite a while to even get to the 3D phase of the course as I have been trying to take things slow and pick up as many things as possible so that I learn and receive as much knowledge as I can out of the course.

I don't know if anyone will be interested in this or even like what I've done but hopefully someone will find something interesting or inspiring here. I had a lot of failures and experimentation in my sketching phase so I haven't chosen to show all of those but I have cobbled together the bits which I think have been instrumental in the process to the design. I haven't done any props yet as I felt like I had spent so much time in the 2D phase and I just was itching to learn more about the 3D process, but I'll probably go back and revisit this as I really want to do all of the extra credits, as I said earlier so I can learn everything I can from the course.

I will say that so far I feel like I have learnt so much in terms of design, drawing ability and the functionality and power of z brush. Before I haven't really bothered to learn much about Zbrush as a tool but using it and learning from Alex has been really empowering and has enlightened me to the fact that it's something I'd love to incorporate more in my workflow. I feel like all this learning is also changing me as a person mentally too, helping me to think more as an artist and to allow myself to see things in different ways.

Anyways enough chat, thank's everyone for dropping by and I would like to introduce you to the stuff I've done so far for my project: Lost Decades:


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