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I tryed to make a little background story for the character... so, she belongs to the tribe (family) of "cyber blacksmiths" (the logo of the tribe is on the knife). In this family, if you reach a certain age, you must pass the maturity test and make weapons that will evolve as you evolve. Probably AI .... Because this character is focused on movement, speed, agility, acrobatics, etc. she "forged" her knives. Her younger sister has, for example, a two-handed hammer :) ... She likes DIY accessories (earrings, bracelet, ...). She also likes sports, such as climbing, running, gymnastic, etc. And punk music (old one :)) ... In this world, it is possible to completely "cut off" the head with the spine and put it in a new body ... There are also unfortunately "collectors" ... and their "head hunters". Who pay big money to expand their collection of heads ... or they could put the heads on unnaturally modified bodies, for their perverted appetites ... the younger sister of our character, unfortunately, disappeared couple days ago. The suspicion fell on one "collector" ... so there is no choice but to find her.

Homework: Assignment

Full color design for cyberpunk character


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