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Thank you. I use either Adobe Illustrator or Indesign. With these it was Illustrator. I have a template filled with grey squares. If you place the image underneath the square, select both, right click and 'make clipping mask. I also have the vectors (grey squares) 'snap to grid' to get the nice alignment. export... easy

Oh yeah haha I was actually refering to the image in the bottom left corner in the Mood/Energy concept^^ That is actually a picture of me from the back haha... Anyways I think you are underestimating your skills man. Your sketches are 10 times better than mine and design-wise its really outstanding. I like how his calves flow to the legs and how they go well together with the backside of the jacket. I wonder if you will also make these awesome shoes! Really looking forward to this!

Ha! Feels good that one of my images is in your Mood board.
I like the helmet in the very center of your head thumbs(B3).
7 and 12 have really nice clothing overall. Especially 7, where the lines flow towards that black and red label. 4 has a slick pose. Maybe you can combine what you feel looks best for a second round! :)