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Homework: Assignment


This step was a lot of fun as I usually jump right into sculpting without creating a color design in Photoshop first. The tutorial was set up really nice in that breaks down each step fairly clearly and Alex does a great job of guiding you through. Here is a breakdown of my interpretation of the brief.

1) Cyberpunk Character - Female mechanic/welder with cyborg arm and implants on one half of face. Blue-Collar worker living with and providing for the Dredgers who comb the remains of New Orleans, now underwater due to The North American Wars which split up the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Dredgers scrape the bottom literally while the tech elite rule from their immaculate homes on stilts far above.

2)Contrast of Elements - Old welding tools contrasted with Cybernetic Arm and Implants. Clothing mix of denim, leather, and reflective material.

3)Part of a Faction - Mechanic, Blue-Collar, Bottom Class, Dredger

4)Specialization - Welder

5)Prop - Welding Torch and Rig, Tool Belt with tools, Hammer, Goggles


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