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The feeling of feeling frozen alone

I wanted to capture the feeling of feeling alone or actually being alone for an extended period of time.

Homework: Assignment

Create a Concept

Really enjoyed this process and how this turned out! Thanks to Ellie for sharing such a cool workflow combining all these things I already knew yet never thought of putting them together like this.
I put the scene together in UE5 and then did some overpainting in ProCreate. The main statue and icicles I modeled in Blender. The icicles I textured in Substance Painter while the statue I textured in ProCreate. The landscape materials and rest of assets were from Quixel's Megascans with a few assets like knight and particles were from the UE marketplace. The video was done in DaVinci Resolve with the audio being put together in Reaper.

Homework: Extra Credit

Video Flythrough

Frozen In Solitude

Homework: Process


First image is the initial blockout. The big statue is already in there as I knew I wanted a statue like this as main asset in the scene before I knew the layout of the scene. So I modeled and textured the statue as I knew what it looked like before anything else. Then I added some megascans textures and some icicles I modeled/textured. Next I added some more assets and began messing with lighting. Next came more lighting, more assets, and some particle effects as well as adding in the Knight standing in the statue. Finally I landed on the icy cold frozen feel I was going for.


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