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Not alone

Isaac and Calvin return to their newly claimed home, after what is left from the catastrophe, only to find that it has been compromised by unknown intruders. They still need to see if there are any provisions left to take with them, but the dangers of the nearby scavengers keep them on their toes.

Homework: Assignment

Creating an Unreal Engine 5 environment concept

My goal was to create a concept that combines the feeling of homecoming and idyllic landscape with a sense of imminent danger and fragile hope.

I started out by creating quick grayscale thumbnails in Photoshop. Afterwards I created the landscape in Unreal Engine 5 and I then used Megascans and assets from Epic's marketplace, like the buildings in the background, landscape materials and foliage. The main building, the town hall, I built in Blender myself, and I textured it using Substance Painter, along with ready-made materials. I also created the willow tree in the left foreground and to the right at the front, using SpeedTree. I also used the Ultra Dynamic Sky blueprint.

The final render I took over to Photoshop to adjust the values and colors and to make other small changes.

Homework: Additional Content

Alternative weather and light conditions

Examples of how the scene could look like in a rainy nighttime scenario or in the evening.


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