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Awaiting the Return

Castle Fairgrove belongs to one of the most powerful clans in the West. Situated between the slopes of the famous Three Sisters, the castle controls all movement from the West into the central fold.
As scout horns sound in the distance, Castle Fairgrove waits patiently for the return of its search party.

Homework: Assignment

Create an environment concept in UE5 using Unreal Marketplace, Megascans and self-made assets.

This was my first time using Unreal Engine, so I found it quite tricky to get a feel for at first. The more time I spent in the engine, the more I began to love it for it's ability to put the ideas down fast. A very refreshing experience coming from a Blender user.

For this project, I began by importing a landscape I had created in World Creator 2022. From there I headed to the Unreal Marketplace to find a landscape material. I actually went through various different ones to find one that best suited the scene and was less taxing on the graphics card. The trees were then scattered over the landscape with the foliage tool using ones I found on the Marketplace. After the camera was roughly set up, I headed to Blender to model the Castle. I used Megascans textures for the castle walls, and rocks, ferns and some cliff meshes to add more detail and bring more realism to the scene. After I was happy with the setup, I jumped into photoshop to touch up some areas and add mist, extra details etc.

There were a few things I maybe should have thought about more before committing to the composition if I were to start again. Most notably, who would build a castle in a valley?

Homework: Process

Progress Shots / Different Lighting


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