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Pagan Bell in the middle of nowhere, a sacred place that was forgotten for centuries is still alive

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Final image

Homework: Process
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The idea of an image was already in my mind for some time before I had a chance to start working on it. I began with a very simple sketch just for myself to be sure that I’m working in the right direction. Instead of making some variations of the scene this time I decided to work more on the Bell Arch design. From the very beginning, I decided that I want to combine baroque shapes with pagan Nordic/Slavic motives. I tried several variations with different proportions and finally decided to add some darker atmosphere so I choose to use late gothic forms instead of classic baroque.

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After that, I already had a basic understanding of what elements I will need to create Arch so I switched to 3D and created several assets for the scene.

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Unreal Engine

When all assets were done I switched to Unreal Engine. After some time the first iteration of the scene was done and I could experiment with lightning. Before choosing the final shot very important was to understand how objects in the scene are interacting with each other and do they work for composition or not.

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Final step – Photoshop. Using some photos I fixed elements that I didn’t like and edited the colors of the scene. One of the latest steps was to add blood on stairs and Bell itself – it helped emphasize the composition center.

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