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Desert Travellers

Two Travellers Journey across the dune sea in search of the lost civilization.

Homework: Assignment

Final Concepts

Homework: Extra Credit

Early concepts

From the early stages I wanted the concept to have the feel of an adventure and exploring in a fantasy theme. As to not constrain myself during early stages, I did rough sketches to explore the environment and the composition more. In the early concepts the idea was to incorporate the green lush vegetation same as the tutorial, but as I started to develop it further I wanted to add the vastness of an empty space with monolithic structures. With this idea in mind I went ahead with the desert setting. After the environment was finalised I further developed the character who was going to explore these vast landscape.

Homework: Process

3D Assets

For the monolithic structures I created them in 3D coat. The inspiration came from amalgamation of ancient mayan structures and sanskrit scriptures. As the concept for the main character was already finalised, I modelled the clothes in Marvellous Designer with Daz Studio's 3d model as a base. I got the camel asset from Epic's marketplace and created the saddle and clothes in 3D coat and Marvellous Designer.

Homework: Additional Content

Unreal Engine 5

After finalising all the early concepts and assets it was time to put together everything into unreal engine to set up a scene. The idea was to always create sequential scenes depicting various compositions and parts of the landscape. The landscape materials and Megascan assets were from Quixel bridge. Throughout this phase I was still open to adding couple of new ideas onto the scene such as the changing the colour of the sand to colour red, as the final renders were missing something that made an impact.

Homework: Additional Content


For paint over I took the final renders onto Photoshop and used photo bashing to add on new textures onto the scene and the background planets to make it a fantasy landscape as intended from the start. As a final step I adjusted the values and colours to blend in together everything in the scene.

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