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Evening falls at the old cabin.

Who knows what they're digging for way out here in the woods. Light falls as the lanterns are lit. Whatever quarry lies below, it's time to settle in and prepare for the next excavation.

Homework: Assignment

Create a piece in UE5 using a marketplace asset, a megascans asset, and a self-made asset.

All trees, grass, and rocks are Quixel Megascans assets from the Broadleaf forest asset pack. The terrain material is a Brushify asset from the marketplace with some Megascans surfaces piped in. The wheelbarrow and shovel are from Dekagon's Construction Site #2 marketplace asset. The cabin was modeled/kitbashed in Zbrush and auto-UV'ed/textured in Substance 3D Painter.

I decided to go slightly cinemascope for this one; click the link for the full panorama. My initial goal was much darker/weirder, but I felt like this has come to a natural rest. Another lighting setup and some different assets would see this one go a different way.

Homework: Process

Process Screencaps

Early blockouts-- Adjusting scale, adding vegetation, etc.


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