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Painting With 3D - Lesson 3
Homework: Assignment


This one took me awhile, I don't have Modo so the first step for me was to find a replacement 3D program, I settled on Blender (because it's free and you can use Octane for free with it too).

I have some experience in Maya 3D so learning a new 3D tool wasn't a big deal fortunately, but getting Octane to work with it did take me some time.
After I finally figured that out, I had to scrap together a lot of different 3D models from the sites referenced in the lessons.
The 3D part did take me some time, even though I have experience in Maya, getting used to Blender and finding certain tools took me quite some time as well.

After the modeling phase was done It was time to use Octane, I couldn't find the black/white graphic style render layer so I had to find a work around for it.
This also took some time, but now that I know what and how to do it, the process should go a lot faster with the next one.

The final image is a lot different from the original graphic thumbnail, I really liked the camera angle and the flow but the background wasn't doing it for me so I ended up changing a lot but the final image is something I'm happy with so there's that.

Learned a lot and I'm definitely going to use 3D in my work more often.


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