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Here's my submission for the first assignment. I spent some time blocking out some rough design/compositional studies using the 2 value method.
Homework: Assignment

for this assignment, I tried to keep my reference specific and concise. I was exploring some imagery of towns/villages built on top of ancient ruins. This lead to a bit of experimentation in composition in design. I wanted some thumbnails where the scale was quite grand and open. As well as other thumbnails where it could be a bit more confined and up close. I really like worldbuilding where they show environments that feel lived in and have a history. It's hard to get that in a thumbnail but my hope was to have the composition look awesome and have some interesting design centerpieces. Once a comp is chosen I'm really looking forward to really fleshing out the setting! It was definitely tricky to get a sense of scale without atmospheric perspective. it was an awesome time working in a much more restricted value range.


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