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Homework: Assignment

Black and white thumbnail sketches and collected photo ref

The theme Im attempting to portray is a Greenland type mountainous region with some kind of scientific/manmade domes somewhat overgrown by nature (ambitious for this thumbnail section but I hope to achieve it in the final result) I followed alot of the processes layed out in the tutorial videos alot of which we're very new to me as well as the brushes which are amazingly helpful.. My tilt function doesn't work too well with my tablet so i made do without. I found myself running out of ideas by the last frame but i managed to pick some relatively nice ones.

Homework: Extra Credit

2 favorites

I picked these 2 and spent an extra 10 minutes or so adding scale in the form of birds and men plus some nature type textures, I feel as a self critique i should have focused a bit more on the domes, instead of going back and attempting to spend lots of time working a solution into it i decided to leave it as a critique for my focus next time.


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