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Bloodborne inspired Gothic Egypt.

The corrupted Amanibakhi, Great Ierophant of Ptah, has found a way to exploit the powerful Opalescent Water, forgotten under the Sun of Egypt. As a result of his blind ambition, the waters of the Nile are flooding the Kingdom, transforming the Capital of Memphis in a giant swamp where buildings are continually repaired by thousands and thousands of undead slaves.

Homework: Assignment

Thumbnail exploration

I started to build the general framework of this project around one year ago, I decided to work on it again for the purpose of this assignment. I did 100 thumbnails, here is a small selection of my favourites, on the left column, a further development based on the main compositional ideas. Here I am exploring three possible locations, from top to bottom. 1) The Temple-Palace of Amanibakhi (bad guy), 2 and 3) The Temple of Sekhmet (resting place for the player) 4) A view of the city pilework.


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