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Peril in Pacifica - Graphic Comps

For the theme of my mentor ship project, I chose to go with the Coastal Islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, with a concentration in Thai landscapes like Halong Bay and Phuket. I also wanted to tie in post-apocalyptic and Sci-fi elements into the sketches as well because that is my passion and makes seascapes way more fun. I used a variety of photos, custom brushes, and VR sculpts all under a threshold filter to quickly create these sketches. Please feel free to point out anything or ask questions and feedback is always very encouraged, and Thanks for taking the time to look through my assignment!

Homework: Assignment

Rusty Sands - Blk & White Sketches

I got a late start on this asignment so I wanted to spend my remaining time before the first mentorship session to generate as many ideas as possible so feedback can be based on a wider variety of work. Also by utilizing various methods, I tried to maintain a readable level of detail in each. Ran out of time to generate the last 3 to finish up the final set. (Sketches not in order of completion, but rearanged for presentation sake.)

Homework: Extra Credit

Example of Various Ref Boards

After uploading multiple pages of sketches already I wanted to keep the reference section brief by only including a handful of examples of each type of ref that I used during the process.

Homework: Additional Content

Full View of Graphic Sketches

I wanted to share a full view of all the comps together as I had then compiled while completing the assignment. Thought I was interesting to see them all together and see how I have certain compositions I repeat haha


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