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I chose this project to illustrate an exo-planet being colonized by humans. The main part of the planet is covered by a thick layer of clouds, which appear to be islands in the sea of clouds. One of the bigger "islands" (mountain tops) were chosen by humans for the landing. From the neighbour island a local tribe is watching "aliens" building their base. They live inside of huge trees-temples (imagine Cambodia trees meet ArtDeco architecture) and warship the sun. They are also afraid of underneath layers of the planet, since they are filled with dangerous creatures, who are afraid of the sun and live inside the mist.

I'm hugely inspired by Jean Giraud (Moebius), Sparth (for human colony) and, well, Swang of course :) (I mean, that's why I'm here).

Homework: Assignment

Reference Board & Graphic Thumbnails

Here are several thumbnails, which I built helping myself a bit with 


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