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Bangladesh-like Shipbreaking but with Spaceship/craft instead
Homework: Assignment

Lesson 1: Graphic Thumbnails

First Batch of Sketches for Lesson 1. My theme is Bangladesh-like Shipbreaking, but with Spaceships/craft instead

Homework: Extra Credit

Lesson 1: Graphic Thumbnails - Self Crit + Refs

Second Batch of Thumbnails. I anaylized the first batch I did, comparing them with what Steve himself did and I noticed that my first batch was a looking a lot closer to the refined stage of the thumbnails that steve did, so I think I jumped into deep too soon. Here I tried to take a step back; I let go of my theme a little to just focus on the technique itself a little better. These I kept a lot looser and then picked 3 to refine a bit further (Top 3 row). I noticed a great increase in speed, as these took about 7-15 min each, with the refined ones being around the 20-25min mark, where as almost everything in the first batch took me around 30 min. Uploaded my main reference boards as well.


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