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Homework: Assignment

Shadow Shape & Value Grouping

So I initially started with a lot of science fiction images and various topics that weren't as interesting to me.  So my self critque would be starting with analyzing more of my own interests and deciding what kind of work I want to get.  So for example on my thumbnails the mech image with the soildiers has a strong composition but I think my interests are more fantasy or modern day/historical.  The first ref board, with the circular gates is heavily inspired by the guildgates in magic the gathering, the second is for a post apocolyptic kids room, the third is the more general random moodboard and the final is my artistic reference.  

I think on my referencce I can be more organized and specific in what I want.  Some of my thumbnails are kind of random and this may be a bit unrealistic for working to brief.  Things to keep in mind but at the end of the day it's all personal.  

Homework: Extra Credit

Thumbnail to 3D

For extra Credit I decided to go ahead and take one of my thunmbnails I liked to 3D , i'm still finishing up textures and getting the light I want but the shadow pass is super helpful searching for interesting light and shadow shapes. For this piece i'm definitely inspired by Last of Us and Days Gone, I want kind of a return to innocence, someone visiting their childhood room in ruin, I'm also thinking I may play with a subtle detail in the shadow of a facial scar or something.  I want the bear on the bed to be highlighted as well.  

Homework: Process


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