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Orc Priest

Orc Priest project generated by Brief Builder.

Please feel free to criticize.

Homework: Assignment

Homework: Orc Priest

Genre: Fantasy
Physiology: Orc
Origin: Eternal Ice
Setting/Era: Ancient Prehistoric
Occupation: Priest
Catch/Oddity: Deaf

For this project, I have used a randomizer for each part of the given Brief Builder.

For generating an idea of the character. I was thinking not to take lots of time and after 8-9 rough sketches I was satisfied with what my character will look like later. Spent around half an hour on the first references and as I’ve been going later took 30 min more for additional references.
I sat a bit longer on this piece, I’ve given more attention to the details and tried to combine the setting with occupation. I gave bones and clothing fur apparel as it gives prehistoric looks. For priest occupation I thought about the staff which could work more for its class – Wooden staff with attached candles, I thought if its fantasy it would logically still work in the ancient times.
Shoulder and waist parts I did in different methods, it still represents as animal fur
For the origin part – eternal ice – I’ll give a more basic idea of dark blue/iced-looking skin.
The most complicated part was to think about how can I do a DEAF character, so I thought about the enchanted necklace which I will highlight in the coloring part. The thing about necklace – those bones are enchanted and it would start to float and turn into a direction where is danger coming from.


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