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Rapunzel Character Re-Design

For this assignment I chose Disney's 2010 Rapunzel to paint in a similar style as Jakub Rozalski. The biggest challenge I faced with unsimplifying a simple character.

Usually as artists we simplify things, but doing the opposite and taking an already simplifed Disney character and unsimplifying it can be quite hard.

During this assignment I had to balance 2 goals:
1. Making Rapunzel look less Disney princess and more realistic without loosing her unique qualities.
For this I had to redesign her eyes to be smaller, more defined cheeks and jaw line, wider torso, correct hip position and a few others along with also lowering saturation, contrast and darkness, and adding imperfections like her loose hair strans. More process was clean sketch over Rapunzel, loosely sketch over that sketch that enabled me to redesign Rapunzel more freely. I even found a human look alike and used her as a reference to help get the correct face proportions. After I was happy I then began painting over the sketch that takes me to me 2nd point.

2. Making it look like Jakub Rozalski's style. This I found was actually quite easy and fun for me as I feel I have a similar style. It feels quite organic and natural picking a rough brush and painting quite loosely over the sketch, slowly fleshing it out to a point I'm happy with.

In conclusion this assignment was really rewarding for me as I almost gave up at one point, but instead pushed through, learned a lot, developed new skills and more confidence.

Homework: Assignment

Rapunzel Character Re-Design and Accesories

Unsimplifying Disney Rapunzel, making her look more aligned with human proportions and painting her accesories.


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