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Samurai Jack Drawn in the Style of Hayao Miyazaki
Homework: Assignment

Style and Substance

5 characters:
Goro Majima (Yakuza) - eyepatch, snakeskin jacket, tattoo
Darth Vader - helmet/mask, lightsaber, torso control, cape
Douglas McArthur - hat, corncob pipe, aviators
Shazam - cape (white over the shoulder), lightning bolt, red suit/gold accents (boots, bracers, belt)
Samurai Jack - top knot, white kimono, black handle katana

5 artists
Akira Toriyama - facial geometry, eyes (either very round or very angular), muscle angularity (late 80’s soft/rounded/early mid 90’s hard edges)
Gendy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack aesthetic) - color, interplay between geometric and organic shapes (it’s almost like certain pieces are assembled from pieces of cut out paper - minimalistic with big shapes), no outlines
Ed McGuiness - exaggerated musculature/proportions, highly stylized yet grounded faces, has a very western interpretation of manga/anime vibe
Hayao Miyazaki - eyes (rounded, expressive, shiny), simplified shadows, general rounded nature to character physique (grounded, but stylized/simplified)
Mike Mignola - exaggerated proportions, strong use of shadow to create dark/creepy aesthetic, blocky character to detailing and shadow work


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